Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 3 and reality bites

ah well, back to reality. Very much craving sweet things this evening.
Managed all day staying full with soup, oatcakes and yoghurts.
Had a healthy dinner of chicken, carrots and white rice (white rice isn't strictly allowed as it's high GI and equally refined as sugar sending glucose levels up too quickly, but I can't do no carbs longer than 48hours before I become a bread seeking ogre).
I'm interpreting the plan sensibly: cutting out biscuits (of which I used to regularly eat 600 cals worth per day) and the like, and reading food labels.
It is suggested to have healthy carb-y breakfast cereal at bedtime. This is good news as I LOVE breakfast cereals, all sorts, especially all mixed together. I was disappointed to see there is 20g of sugar in 100g bran flakes! I mean 20%?! They are supposed to be a healthy option. Instead I had shredded Wheat with stevia (the natural sweetener that doesn't cause glucose spikes) which was yum. I'm so living the dream!!
But, I digress.
I'm now craving sweet things big style, but I'm not going to give up at this first hurdle. It's nowhere near as hard as giving up wine was those first few evenings and also I'm now more experienced in this giving stuff up malarky and know that while I feel edgy and unable to settle, I know, this too will pass
(please let it be soon!).

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