Friday, 11 July 2014

Fun Friday Facts: Sober Saturdays

The First Fun Friday Fact to help your sobriety tonight is to focus on Sober Saturday.

When I first stopped drinking wine I used to crave it terribly in the early evening hours, usually from 5pm onwards but often earlier on holidays and socialising days. I was tempted to give in each and every day and continually thought 'How can it be so hard NOT to do something?'

But I struggled through the evenings, feeling safe by 9pm when I would give in and agree with my sensible sober self that it was so near bedtime now there was no point in opening the wine. I would head to bed earlier than usual, thankful to have survived the evening without succumbing.

The next day I felt great. Elated. Excited. Buzzy. And so, so glad I had not given in to my moments of weakness the evening before. I vowed that come 5 o'clock again, I would remember this high feeling again and this would entice me to do it again. And again. Just for one more day.

So instead of bemoaning the loss of Friday night fizz, focus on Sober Saturday. What will you do? What will you achieve? How will you feel? What will you regret?

The choice is yours.

Have a lovely sober weekend.


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