Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fun Friday, Sober Saturday, Serene Sunday....

Apologies for the lack of Friday alcohol free tip this week- international travel (sigh...) but here I am home again and despite my moans and musings of the last two weeks I am very glad I've remained sober in the sun. The longings do still come. I am getting better at managing them, delaying them, and waiting for them to pass but blogging about them here is a great release. I know that I will not receive responses such as 'just have one', 'start again tomorrow', 'if you really want it then have it!'
I will receive encouragement and strength to wait, to sit it out and be returned to my usual sensible sober self. I hope it also shows that the risks and temptations are there in the longer term too. I have not 'cracked it'; it is far from 'job done, let's move on'. It still needs effort and work, as anything worth having does and is never easy. So I continue...

My tip was to find a drink that you really like. This can be harder than it sounds. For instance, I enjoy a cold diet coke (has to be from a can) but I don't enjoy a second or a third one so much and absolutely DO NOT WANT the fourth.

In the beginning I enjoyed slimline ginger ale with lime cordial. I loved the fiery taste and I loved that I could drink it as early in the day as I wanted, as quickly as I wanted and I could have as many as I wanted without guilt!

Now I enjoy this drink occasionally and have become a big fan of sparkling water (living the dream- I know!) I don't have it on a night out but for everyday, all times of day, with meals or between meals, it is my go to staple. I love it refreshingly cold and it has made me re-think diet coke; I appreciate how overpoweringly sweet it is and often, prefer sparkling water.

I'm still loathe to 'spend' calories on drinks and do not like my teeth and mouth feeling sugary and coated so I have not explored cocktails and have only the occasional appletise or other fizzy fruity drinks (usually after the third diet coke!)

I have gone NOWHERE NEAR non alcoholic wine or beer. It's too close, too tempting and I've mixed reports and opinions about the wisdom of these drinks so personally, I've decided to stay clear of them as I don't think they would help me the way they do help lots of others who swear by them.

So, what are you drinking today?


  1. Just a note to say I've just read your book. Enjoyed it. Thanks

    1. Hi Chris
      Glad you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      best wishes

  2. I agree. It's all about better alternatives and substitutes. I'm sure there are far more worthier drinks than the usual alcohol, so I think refraining from it wouldn't be too difficulty. That is a great tip for those who have rejected the alcoholic's life. Thanks for sharing! Kudos!

    Leora Yang @ Environmental Diseases

    1. Hi Leora, thanks for dropping by. Indeed there are aisles of alternatives in supermarkets now. (I still prefer sparkling water to most!)


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