Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weight Wise Wednesday

In an attempt to give this blog some structure I am going to post regular updates twice per week. 
These will be Weight-Wise Wednesday tips for eating and weight loss, and Fun Friday Facts about enjoying the weekend without alcohol.

I would love to hear any ideas you have for these slots. Hopefully we can share our top tips for managing these challenges and add some news tools to our armementarium in the war on booze and chocolate.

So here is my first suggestion.

Food (read chocolate, cakes, biscuits, or whatever your weak spot is) cannot be kicked into oblivion in the way alcohol can. We need food to survive but we do not need large quantities of it. Our food intake must be moderated, and we all know how difficult that can be. Moderation involves limits and restriction and to do this, we need to know the starting point.

Knowledge is power so track what you eat and you be surprised at all the extras that slip under the radar and into your stomach without you really noticing. It doesn’t matter what you use: a pretty notebook and special pen, your computer or smart phone, or an app specifically designed for the purpose (my fitness pal has a good one). Take note of everything that you eat or drink in a day. Calculating the calories is a helpful guide in addition, but much of the benefit comes simply from writing it down. By doing so you remember it, acknowledge it, and may think twice about eating it. If you feel too embarrassed to write down ‘1/3 of a broken biscuit’ for the 5th time it may be enough to stop you eating it or the next time, to have one full biscuit, allow it, enjoy it and account for it.  

Try tracking. Just this once. Just for today. Just do it!


  1. I have just read Sweet and Sober in almost a single sitting! I could have been reading about myself, despite being on a different continent. I totally hear what you say, particularly about over-thinking and twisted thinking and self absorbed thinking. Basically too much thinking and, as you say, eating and drinking should not be this difficult nor thought provoking!
    Glad I found the blog too.

    1. Welcome. Glad you enjoyed the book. Hope you stick around. Please share any other blogs you write or follow. Rx


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