Monday, 15 December 2014

Helping You to Help Yourself

One of my Sober Buddies is Louise Rowlinson. As well as being a Public Health nurse she has walked the same path with alcohol as many of us here. What struck her was the lack of support, help and guidance available. Many realise their GP is not best equipped nor able to help us and the waiting list for CBT is often 6 months or more. The other option is AA, which many are reluctant to attend especially at first when anxiety is high and confidence low.

Louise created and delivered the ideal package to fill this void and has made it widely available and affordable using the Udemy platform. Here she tells us more about it.

A Hangover Free Life Udemy course:

Since I stopped drinking in September 2013 I have saved over £2650, lost 12lbs in weight and symptoms of anxiety or depression have all but gone. Life is better in every way! 

Before stopping, we think quitting drinking will be impossible and too hard, so we decide not to even try, but this course will give you all the information and tools to make it possible. 

There are presentations, an e-book, hand-outs and online resources for you to use. The course is designed to be completed in 3-4 hours but deciding to change your relationship with alcohol, and doing so can be a much longer process. 

This course gives you lifetime access; it will be there for you as long as you need it. 

It looks at ways to cut down through moderation, gives you the structure and time to reflect on your drinking while thinking about stopping or preparing to stop. 
It gives you knowledge about the impact that alcohol has physically and emotionally and the skills to manage life alcohol free.  Once you are living hangover free, tools are provided to ensure that you can stay that way as long as you wish. 
It details supportive resources in terms of books, films and online communities. A one-on-one support consultation via email, telephone or Skype is included in the course, should you wish to take advantage of it. 
This course is for you if you want to look at, and change, your relationship with booze, whether temporarily or permanently. What have you got to lose? You can always go back to drinking if you change your mind. Although you might find, like me, that life is so much better without it that you'd rather stay hangover free. 
Enroll now! 
Until New Years Day the course is going to be available at a 50% discount so half price at $25 (£15.50).  If you're looking for a surprise treat for your holiday season sober first aid kit, the brilliant idea from Living Sober (amazeballs Mrs D and SueK!) or would like to forgo a bottle of Christmas spirits this year then this could be for you!!

Discount : Use this discount code to access :)
Five star reviews for A Hangover Free Life Udemy course:
If you are serious about stopping drinking alcohol or cutting down, the course will help you plan, action and sustain this momentous change. 
The information given is an accessible mixture of evidence-based theory from a nursing perspective, and personal experience. The lectures, resources and support included in the course comprise a powerful yet compassionate package. 
It's not easy getting your life back from alcohol's clutches when you have been drinking too much for too long, but this course will help you do it. Highly recommended.
Helpful for Anyone Affected by Problem Drinking 
Louise Rowlinson has combined her professional background and personal experience to create a course to provide guidance to those who are worried about their drinking habits, or those who know they have a drinking problem and are not sure how to get help. She addresses moderation, along with abstinence, in a course packed with useful information, resources, and referrals to online communities dedicated to reduce alcohol abuse. The course materials are presented in an easy-to-follow and honest manner. I feel it is helpful not only to those with a drinking problem, but to those who are family members or friends of problem drinkers. It explains the effects of alcohol use on the body and mind, which makes the often misunderstood issue of alcohol abuse easier to comprehend. Would definitely recommend this course.
Packed full of information and tools! 
What I liked most about this course is that it's written by someone who has been through addiction herself and is passing on her understanding and tools using the benefit of her professional background. It's written really clearly and speaks hard truths in a sympathetic and matter of fact way. 
If you are wondering whether your life could be improved by changing your relationship with alcohol this course will guide you through that decision making process and give you the techniques and support you need to make that change. Highly recommended.

About Louise Rowlinson:
I am a public health nurse who wanted to offer an aid to help with reducing alcohol intake or quitting the booze. This course, my e-book, my blog and all the resources are based on my own experience and from all the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired as a general nurse with alcoholic liver disease experience, psychology graduate, research assistant to Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Samaritan volunteer, post graduate specialist community public health nurse but most importantly as a person who was psychologically dependent on alcohol and who is now in the early stages of recovery.

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