Friday, 9 January 2015

Booze and Bed

Perhaps because January is the month to give up drinking (amongst other things), the Huffington Post have published an article I sent them about booze.

The title is Booze and Bed and I wrote about it in a  'Then and Now' style after so many people told me they loved seeing these contrasting aspects of the same event.

You can view it here and if you like it please consider sharing it with others you think may be interested.



  1. I love this, as I love everything you write. It is amazing that everything you write is as if I could have written it myself (if I was a better writer!) The only difference here is that I think you are a bit more productive sober than I am...ha!

    1. I have my moments.
      I'm sure many more people think the same also.

  2. I love you now and then recounts. Hopefully I'll be able to do my own soon! Day 9 today xx


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