Friday, 6 March 2015

Deep in Thought

This week I was invited to complete a 'Recovery Rocks' interview with Veronica Valli. I jumped at the chance to discuss the benefits of sobriety with another so like-minded as truly believe that doing so reinforces these positives for me, and will do for the readers of Veronica's website.

It consisted of eight questions and boy, did those questions make me think more deeply about the last couple of years than I ever have until now!

It is easy to become blasé about the enormity of giving up alcohol in this world. The changes we experience and benefits we enjoy come gradually, sequentially, making it easy to miss the magnitude of their sum total; in the way that by seeing someone each day you do not notice their gradual changes the way you do if you see them once every two years!

That's what this interview was for me. It made me go back and think hard to define and pin down the key changes in my life, to articulate them on the page without waffle. I was surprised by some of my answers and also by how long it took me to decide what my true answer was! For example 'If you could go back in time to when you were drinking, what would you tell yourself?'  While there are lots of things I could tell myself, I found it difficult to think of something that the drinking me would have taken seriously or believed.

It was a therapeutic, affirming experience for me and I'm grateful to Veronica for inviting me to take part in her series. You can read the whole interview with here. Enjoy.


  1. Oh Rachel I loved it! I follow Veronica too and yours was so wonderful to read. I'm so proud of you! Love, Patti


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