Sunday, 5 April 2015


I've had several emails this week from fans of this blog. (Does that mean I've had fan mail??) Thank you to all who take the time to write, say how inspirational you find it and how you identify with me. It's lovely to receive such feedback. Several asked about my progress on the Cambridge diet so I thought it was time to update you.

Background: This diet is available globally. Most simply, it begins as a meal replacement diet which then progressively adds in real food: lean protein and a small amount of veg at first, through to fruit and complex carbohydrates later on. The aims are to:

1. Reduce weight quickly, capitalising on high motivation at the beginning.
2. Re-educate the way we eat with regard to healthy choices, recognising and responding to only true hunger with food to maintain our weight loss in the long term.

The raw stats, after 4 weeks are

Wk1 -4lbs, Wk2 -2lbs, Wk 3 STS, Wk 4 STS AGAIN!!!!

I'm getting over my disappointment at STS as I believe I have stuck to the diet and it will work given time. Diving into a chocolate Easter egg in despair will not help my cause.

I'm motivated to continue because I'm learning, I really am, in the same way as I did with alcohol.

When I considered stopping drinking for good, I was terrified. I would have done anything to be able to moderate and keep wine in my life. Then, I sadly said good bye to a friend. I missed it. I felt deprived, incomplete, bored and boring.
Then, I started to reap the benefits: so much more I could do now I was here, present, able, no longer held back by a hangover and a need to return to the sofa with another bottle. This was better. I could live with this. The price was worth paying.
Now, I would not drink if I could, had the option, could do so 'normally'.
Because it's not what I want MOST. What I want most is to hang onto my my blossoming life overflowing with plans, projects and possibilities and I know that a single glass of wine will not help my stay on that path. It will not add to nor facilitate the way of life I want to continue to lead.

Lightbulb Moment!

As the 'challenge' of the Easter weekend approached I was concerned about how my compliance to my diet would fare. Easter without chocolate?
In previous years I've nibbled and restricted, broken off a bit more, had pieces from each child's egg to even them up, tried to limit the assault and prevent, unsuccessfully, a full sugar blown binge.
This weekend I've thought rationally.
What is it that I really want?
Do I really want an Easter egg so badly? Above all else?
Or, is what I really want to lose weight and feel good in the summer as my safe winter layers are shed?

I'm going to finish on a profound note:

Don't give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW.

Happy Easter.


  1. I have the thought of my 40th in Spain, in July in my mind...but I still want that egg!! Eeek!

  2. Dear Rachel,
    Your last insight is perfect!
    As I am looking to change my habit of sitting around too long in the morning, I need to remind myself what I really want…to make friends, get to yoga, etc.
    Guess what?
    My hubby bought me the Girl on the Train book!

  3. Restrictive diets are a scary thing. Take care that you are supporting yourself and treating yourself with love.
    Don't give up what matters most for a promise of an "ideal" body.
    The body you have now is perfect as is.


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