Friday, 24 July 2015

Sober Support is Snowballing

The sober community seems to be growing rapidly at present with lots of new ventures to help and support those of us removing alcohol from our life.

We seem to be on the precipice of a truly global phenomenon with latest research showing that for the first time the number of youngsters choosing not to drink has increased...wait for it... so they don't get caught looking stupid if captured on camera and shared on social media and so they look their best in sober selfies! Whatever your motivation, sharing support with others in the same boat can be a lifeline.

This week I've become aware of two new web based tools for you to check out.

The first is Sober School which has been set up Kate, who previously blogged as The Sober Journalist. She has developed the ideal on line support service she wishes had been available when she gave up drinking over 2 years ago. Her mission statement is:

The Sober School is an online hub with the mission of inspiring and supporting women who are experiencing problems with alcohol.
Whether you’re newly sober, taking a short break from drinking or giving up for good – The Sober School is here make sobriety easier, less lonely and a lot more fun.
And it is completely free.
The second venture is Alcoholic Life developed by Aussie Bren Murphy. He describes it as:
 'a space for sober bloggers to share an original post - but also for anonymous contributions by readers who are struggling with their drinking. 
Why don't you check out his blog here. There is loads of positivity and chat and a general feeling of us all being in this together. 
I wish them both well with these projects and will continue watching as the sober revolution sweeps the world.


  1. Thanks for the name check Rachel! Appreciate it x

  2. I visited The Sober School a couple of days ago and have serious beef - as I've written to Kate: There are very delicious pictures of alcoholic drinks on there. I really think it is a bad idea, as pictures are viceral triggers. I was thrown for a loop, anyway. Kate disagrees, so I hope more will weigh in.

  3. Loved your book, Sober is the new Black, by the way, Rachel. Huge help :-)

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the mentioning Alcoholic Life, we are adding new content regularly and building some momentum - anyone reading this, head over and contribute...
    Bren Murphy


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