Sunday, 20 April 2014

How To Tell Them You Don't Drink (and answer the questions that follow)

This little guide is the follow up to 'How to Party Sober' which so many told me they found incredibly useful.

How To Tell Them You Don't Drink looks at excuses, reasons, conversations you may have and gives options to avoid awkward moments at the bar. There is also a section to consider when and if you should tell people the truth.

Hopefully it will be as useful to those you want to stay sober for whatever reason and worry about getting a hard time from 'friends' for not drinking!!

Here is the link  click here  to Amazon where it is currently £1.97 or $3.20

If you would like to review the book or feature it on your blog, podcast or show, get in touch by clicking here  and I can send you a copy in advance.

Happy Sober Easter everyone
(how many more reasons do you need to eat chocolate?)

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