Saturday, 26 April 2014


My 3rd book "How To Tell Them You Don't Drink" (And Deal With the Questions They Ask) is free to download all weekend by clicking HERE

If you are sufficiently enthused to leave a nice review on Amazon that would be very much appreciated.

In other news, I am off on a walking holiday on Monday with a couple of friends. We are walking the West Highland Way which is a 96 mile walk along the Highland boundary fault from Glasgow to Fort William and marks the geological division of the Highland geography and that of the lowlands. I'm looking forward to the fresh air, stunning scenery, eating lots and maybe even losing weight! Not looking forwards to 20 miles per day for 5 days straight in the Scottish Highlands quite so much! Of course I am not doing it the hard core way where you camp and carry you tent etc on your back. No, we have a little transfer team that moves our bags onto the next B&B or hotel each day so we only carry a day rucksack, which is bad enough!

My travelling companions know I stopped drinking last year. One asks a few questions from time to time and the other, never says a word. She never joins in that chat nor offers her opinion nor does anything to prolong it in any way. They've both been remarking how we will need 'a couple of glasses of wine' each night and what a good celebration we will have at the end in Fort William. A couple of glasses of wine is the last thing I will need each night. I will be exhausted and need my bed early. In previous years I would have drank lots of wine each and every night and suffered during the day even more, with a hangover as well as sore feet. I'm relieved I have no choice to make. I don't drink and that's it. End of.
For the evenings we are going armed with magazines and manicure accoutrements to have fun a la Grease-sleepover-party-style, that's if we arrive at the accommodation before night fall! Anyway, it will be great to have a week with the girls, free from domestic chores and responsibilities and, of course, work

I will have no wi-fi for a couple of days (aaaargh) but will let you know how I get on.

How To Tell Them You Don't Drink

(And Deal With The Questions They Ask)



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