Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Since giving up wine, I have replaced it with sweet treats. I know this is a common phenomenon amongst the newly sober but as always, I never know when to stop.
Within a year I have gone from a life of continual dieting; eating little more than fruit, vegetables and crackers and topping up my daily allowance with a 900 calorie bottle of wine, to a complete cake-fest which has now reached the stage of anything goes (and anything does indeed 'go'.)

I survived my early wine free nights out as long as there was dessert.
I managed my early wine free nights in with tea and biscuits.
And crucially, I have dealt with any stressor in my life by eating cake.

It has got to the stage where my weight has increased, my clothes are tight and I dare not wash my jeans lest they shrink back to their original size and no longer fit. I've also had enough. I don't like what it is doing to me. I don't like over-eating, yet I continue to do it, sabotaging my own efforts.

With the week on week rise on the scales continuing, I have reached action point. I have to do something different so I'm changing my focus from my food to my mind. I'm trying to STOP before I eat and think about why I'm doing it; if hunger is not the cause, then food is not the solution and never will be, no matter how much I eat. Food will never fill the void and whatever is missing will remain absent. The problem remains unchanged, unsolved, the only difference being I've now eaten a pile of junk crappy processed sweet treats too! Great.

I'm hoping it is proving so difficult because it is the early days. I tried and tried and kept trying to give up drinking before ultimately being successful. Maybe the cake thing will take time too.

Why is it so difficult to control what I put in my mouth?

Anyone else have this difficulty? I'd love to hear your solutions too!

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  1. SInce quit drinking I have been shoveling anything in my mouth~ everyone says don't worry but I know food bingeing is a problem for me as well as wine bingeing. I am hoping in time I will control it better and can lose these pounds I put on. I know sober is better and I have to keep thinking that to a point! If you find the magic answer, let me know!


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