Friday, 17 October 2014

Holiday Time

Tomorrow is my last day of holidays. I've only had one real wistful pang for wine this time. It didn't last long and it was easy to distract myself until it passed. 

I have made things easy for myself though. I've avoided the bars and caf├ęs where drinks are served at sundown and the food service has not yet started. 

My OH has had a few beers. That is, one beer on a few nights. Watching him have one beer with his meal then make a cup of tea reminds me how I could not drink like that. I know if I ever give it an inch it will take a mile and more. 

So, one more day equals two more ice creams and two more chocolate treats before back on the dieting bandwagon on Monday. 

Hope you are all happy and sober this weekend too. 


  1. Last night was my first visit since AF (end of August) to our favourite lovely local country pub. My other half had a beer and I so automatically wanted a cider, rose wine, beer but realised, oh yes, that's right.

    I had a diet coke. A bag of crisps.

    And I looked at his beer thinking I cannot even have one sip of that. He can so easily just have one and it will be weeks until he even thinks of having another beer...

    Once I had my diet coke it was fine. I felt none the worse off not having had wine. And I didn't leave the pub plotting where I'd sneakily buy a bottle of wine from - making an excuse we needed to get milk or something... !

    1. Hi Charlotte, welcome into my little blog and thanks for commenting. You've hit the nail on the head: after the first non alc drink things are ok, the biggest decision is over. Well done on your efforts and do keep in touch. Rx


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