Thursday, 29 January 2015

Driving with the Brakes on.

I've been busy this week and, unusually for me, I've done a lot of driving. While driving my mind wanders and mulls over all that is going on, all by itself. Sometimes I have really good ideas while driving but this week I've been reflecting on changes in me and changes in life. (Don't worry, it's not too heavy).

15 years ago, I didn't really want to stop smoking but I did. I was part of a rapidly reducing minority and I felt peer pressure to see the light as opposed to the lighter. So I got the patches and wore them for almost as long as an elephant's pregnancy and got the job done. And lucky I did too, for in subsequent years the smoking ban in public places grew and spread until it became the default norm. Now I think how hard it would be to smoke: where to do it? how much time it would take, the row I would get from my health consciously educated children. 
Worse would be living life, constantly needing to smoke and not being able to. This would remove any joy or relaxation from most pursuits. 
I actually feel quite sorry for those who continue to need to smoke. 

Later, when alcohol took centre stage, I gave that up too. ( What next you may ask!) 
On busy weeks like this one, I've gone from needing wine to cope, to missing it as a treat each evening, to being glad I don't need it now for anything because there is just not enough free time for me to sit back and drink, never mind spend time being hungover. 

I have reached a stage of being glad I'm not held back by booze. I am clear to focus on my various challenges this week and while I am personally grateful for this, I also feel sorry for those who still need to drink. For those who, like me, thought that wine each night actually helps them cope when in fact it is holding us back. 

A bit like driving with the handbrake, just sayin', well, yes, but only for a short distance!


  1. I agree. It is sad when people can't just enjoy themselves with out alcohol. It makes me sad for them


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