Friday, 23 January 2015

Sober Book in the Final!!

An unremarkable little email popped into my inbox telling me I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Bookbzz 2015 Prize Writer Competition (or rather 'Sober is the New Black' has)!! I'm so excited and proud about this as writing is not my day job. Though I've always done it, I've never been convinced I was any good at it or that anyone would be interested in the detail in which I tend to remember and describe the world. However, it now seems that the nice judges over at have enjoyed the read; time will tell when their review is posted.

The winner is down to the public vote. That's you guys. It will be a reality show type outcome with overall popularity winning the crown rather than absolute talent I'm sure. I've never won this type of competition. I never shout loudly enough about my achievements. So, it would be nice if you would all vote for my little book- I'll post the link when voting opens on 1st February 2015. 

And forgive me the plug (But it's better than the post I was going to write last night about how miserable I was and the number of biscuits that failed to help my mood!)

Happy Sober Weekend peeps


  1. So proud of you and you deserve it! Of course I'll vote. I tell everyone (drinkers and not) about your book. Good luck and hope your mood has improved :)

    1. Thank you TMSN for that and your never ending support. I'll send you the link early Feb for distribution! x

  2. You crow it from the rooftops lovely and yep I'll get my vote in and will post a link on my blog when voting opens in Feb :) xx


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