Monday, 9 February 2015

Superb Sober Support

I've been moved and surprised by the number of readers who have taken the time to contact and support me after my last post. There is indeed great support from the sober community just waiting in the wings: all you have to do is ask. 
Thank you so much for all the kind words and wise thoughts, many from those who are living quietly sober for many years. I appreciate all your sentiments. 
I got through the Saturday night and the Sunday night intact. I didn't plan to drink, I was more upset that such a strong feeling could conjure itself up from almost nothing and still influence me after all I've learned and said and do, in fact, believe. 

How could I still think a glass of wine might be a 'nice' thing to have? 

I also felt a bit of a fraud after so many people have said how helpful, inspirational even, they have found this blog to be for their own recovery. I hope none feel let down. I'm not infallible. I'm merely human too, and it wouldn't be true to hide the hard times and only display the good ones. Here, you get the whole package. 

I thought I'd harness your support some more: I've been contacted by a reader, female, 40ish, in the early stages of sobriety who is looking for a penpal more advanced in sobriety who can exchange emails or texts on a frequent, almost daily basis if possible, to give her some additional personalised support. If you think you could pay it forward in this way and would like to help someone navigate the early days and benefit from your experience, drop me an email and I'll put you in touch. 


Til next time comrades. Over and out. X


  1. Of course I'm not let down by this news Rachel. It's an understandable wobble and I admired your honesty :) If I can help out with your reader just shout xx

  2. I totally agree, I feel the opposite of let down. I think it's more important to be real. I'm thinking I'm not far enough along to help anyone but I plan to get there!

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  4. Hi
    People need to hear the good and the bad and you haven't let anyone down. As you said you are only human! It still shocks me after nearly 7 years away from a drink when the thought pops into my head as it did a few weeks ago. Alcohol is always there...sitting waiting in the wings for a moment of weakness. As they say in AA...cunning, baffling and powerful!! I will email you about the reader looking for help aswell.

    Take care.


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