Friday, 27 March 2015

The (Drunk) Girl on The Train

I had a couple of long train journeys this week so downloaded the latest chic-type psychological thriller 'Girl on the Train' by Paula Hawkins which I thought was very appropriate.
I am enjoying it and am intrigued as information is gradually unveiled. The female protagonist is called Rachel, funnily enough, and it is written in the first person.

Rachel is an alcoholic.

Yet she is in denial of this (up to where I am anyway). She exhibits all the classic signs of alcohol being problematic and taking over her life. I've had many of them in the past including:

Waiting until her flatmate goes out and she is home alone to drink excessively
Drinking at times and in ways she feels reassured is 'socially acceptable'
Wondering what exactly happened the night before- when flashes of memory reappear intermittently and randomly. Flitting into her mind and out again before they can be grasped or joined up.
Continuing to drink while knowing it is causing negative consequences
Observing she cannot stop after one or two, or even three or four and worries about the unpredictability of how her drinking session will end.

I could go on but you probably recognise many of these feelings too, plus perhaps some others.

I'm enjoying the main story in the book but I am further enjoying watching someone else's (fictional) car crash life and wondering how it will turn out.

There is a review of the book in the Guardian here and it is available to buy in all the usual outlets.


  1. Oh! This sounds interesting! I LOVE reading good mystery books!
    Thank you!
    PS - I had a blackout once where I had NO idea what happened to me. It was the scariest thing EVER!

  2. I just read this too and loved it!

  3. I just read this on my kindle this weekend... OMG what a book! All I can say is wow & I'm so sorry I'm done. :)

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  5. Great book! And a brilliant portrayal of problematic drinking x


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