Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fashionably Sober and Fabulous...The Countdown has Begun

It's now less than 1 month until my new book The Secret to Being Fashionably Sober and Fabulous is released on 20th May 2015. It is currently available to pre-order here at the guaranteed lower price of less than a fiver (UK) or $8 (US), and this is my last mention of it before then on this blog!

However, if you would like to receive the opening chapters for FREE then email me here and I will send you an e-copy. The book illustrates how changes brought about by not drinking, come in stages as the duration of sober time increases. The changes are not black and white, rather they develop and evolve, often in surprising ways, as time passes. And of course there are many 'Then and Now' experiences included for fans of those. Hope you will enjoy. Rx .


  1. I can't wait to read it! Huge congrats. So glad you're feeling upbeat. Me too (as you'll know if you already saw my post on 'self care'! Love SM x

  2. I can't wait to read it either! It must be so exciting having another book coming out! I think I'll wait to get i can get the whole book. Congratulations Rachel! A x

  3. Congratulations!!
    That is a great accomplishment!

  4. well done. i bet it will be great..

  5. thank you all for your comments. I am a mix of nervous and excited! Rx


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