Saturday, 18 April 2015

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover...

...So says Carolyn Howard Johnson, creator of The New Book Review which is one of the most highly regarded book review websites.

Needless to say she does not show the front cover of any book. Instead she publishes high quality reviews from external reviewers to stand and be judged on their own merit without prejudice from a front cover, good or bad.

Today she has published a review of Sober is the New Black . The review was written by Anna Buttimore B.A. Hons, herself an author and administrator at Law Care, a support service for those in the legal profession struggling with alcohol and addiction.

You can find the review here

Carolyn is keen to increase awareness about her objective book reviews so I ask on her behalf that you share the page within your social network as you feel appropriate. Rx.

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  1. Hi Rachel, what a great review. You must be proud?! I loved your book. IN fact, I'm going to read it again. A x


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