Friday, 14 October 2016

10 Signs which mean you really DO need to stop. Completely.

I guess we have all made some attempt(s) to give up alcohol in the past. Whether it's a day or two off, a severe hangover leading to great announcements that we will never drink again to several weeks or more, something always sends us back to the bottle.
The truth is, you will only stop drinking when you, really want to stop. And want to stop so badly you can make the leap of faith and believe that it is possible there is life beyond booze.

Here are some of the signs I, and perhaps you, will recognise as signifying the time to stop has finally arrived.
  1. You open the wine with dismay thinking 'Here we go again'. 
  2. You notice the repeating pattern of: Plan to restrict, get drunk, regret it, plan to restrict... yet you cannot stop it recurring.
  3. You no longer have enough time to spend a whole day incapacitated by a hangover.
  4. Your hangovers last two days (or more...)
  5. You avoid socialising so you can drink more at home, alone.
  6. You hate the feeling of helplessness you have as alcohol dictates your life.
  7.  You have no idea how to stop. (This was me. Sometime told me to 'Just stop.' Sounds simple eh?)
  8. You think stopping drinking would be preferable to your life at present. In fact, anything would be better than your life at present.
  9. Those around you stop giving you a hard time about your drinking and allow you to drink. They know you need a certain amount to function and do not wish to stand in the way of that.
  10. You begin to ask others how they stopped drinking, you read sober blogs, you buy sober books and you question your belief that you could not cope without it. You begin to wonder if maybe you could? Surely not all sober people are making it up or telling lies about how it is actually ok, or even better than ok?
Personally I was completely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Best wishes if you are starting to stop.
Welcome back if you have not given up on giving up.


  1. Nice to see you lovely :) Hope all well with you? xx

    1. yes, all good!! just busy. How are you? what you up to these days?

  2. This has hit more truths than I care to admit to. I'm 2 days in after having a major panic attack with a hangover. In the market with my two kids and it felt everyone was louder than usual my eyes couldn't focus properly, I felt dizzy and sick and started having palpatations. I wondered how on earth I would drive home. After a few deep breaths a sharp word with myself I have promised myself I will never let that happen again. Weirdly I hadn't drunk as much as I normally would of on a night out and didn't have a usual hangover... no headache, no dry mouth I actually felt kind of ok until it hit me. Anyway here I am day 2 and excited to see the world in a new light.

  3. I can relate to all ten points vigorously... definitely not something to just be ignored. Haven't been 100% successful as of yet, but trying really hard... at the same time scared as hell, but motivated to find out all in one!


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