Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Lone Drinker

On holiday at present and this evening we were taken out to an Italian Restaurant by another couple. I don't drink, neither does the other woman, my OH was driving and there were 2 kids. There was only one person drinking. 
First 2 beers while we chatted, then wine with dinner. But not in a civilised way. It was a buffet restaurant with serve yourself drinks too. A coke machine, water, fruit juice dispenser and a wine tap. The other man in the group poured and drank 3 full very large wine glasses full of wine, pretty swiftly after remarking that the first sip wasn't that nice. More than a bottle in less than an hour.
I watched his face become first red, then blotchy as he relaxed. He became more animated and talkative. Not that the stories weren't interesting, and not that they were repeats or anything, but no-one else got a word in once his tipping point was reached. No one else told a story, no others conversed, I couldn't politely excuse myself to the loo, we couldn't leave when we were finished without appearing rude and interrupting another tale.
It made me bored. I felt embarrassed for the children whose boredom I could sense. And most of all I felt sad. Because that man is my father.
Always knew it was like that with him, but don't often see it. Don't really want to see it again. Might now limit seeing him to when he comes to ours (and he drives) or at outings which don't involve booze. Tonight was their invitation on their terms. From now on it'll be my way. I feel harsh and hypocritical as I was once exactly the same, but now Im not, and quite frankly its ugly and I don't want to see it.

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  1. Oh I am sorry Rachel.
    I know with my father, he's passed now, my bother had to tell him he couldn't be around his grandchild when he was drinking. It hurt him, but they had to as she was young.


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