Monday, 17 October 2016

Amazing Feedback

Almost reduced to tears of emotion/ happiness/ loving the world in a psychedelic moment when I received this message from someone who read MY book and subsequently changed their life around. Powerful stuff and grateful to play a part:

Proud to say I am nearly 20 months sober and living a life beyond any dreams I ever had. I credit you because I wasn't someone who could do AA and I never even knew there were online sober support groups until reading Sober is the New Black. With that one book you changed not only my life but the lives of those I love. I was sober for my first grandchild's birth and every special milestone in his little life. I am here and I am being real for the first time since about age 12. Making all sorts of mistakes and often overwhelmed and never sure of anything except: I will never ever touch that stupid poison again. Thank YOU.


  1. Your first book changed my life too, completely! Thank you so much. I'd read a few "giving it up" books before but yours was most relatable to me as a mother and your "then" and "now" format was genius.
    I am going on 5 months AF and feel like my "true self" again. Life is so so much more manageable. To quote a favorite RB phrase "how are we so blind to that??". Many many thanks to you!!


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