Wednesday, 24 December 2014

10 Christmas Signs Alcohol is a problem

apart from reading this blog of course!

Christmas is a time of celebration, family gatherings and over-eating. If alcohol or drinking take precedence over these, it could be they are more of a problem than you think. The reason I know this is because I have done all these things in the past. It strikes me now how transparent they appear.
  1. You leave beer and whisky out for Santa on Christmas eve. Generous measures of course.
  2. You drink Buck's Fizz. The only alcoholic drink deemed socially acceptable at breakfast. Taking the cheapest fizzy plonk you painfully 'spoil' it with as little orange juice as possible.
  3. You drink sherry mid-morning, even although you don't like it. 
  4. You suggest a little drinky as an 'aperitif' before Christmas dinner. All the better on an empty stomach.
  5. You are more interested in the wine than the food presented to the table.
  6. You worry there will not be enough alcohol around, aware the shops are closed.
  7. You devise ways to hide your alcohol consumption lest family members notice how much you drink, or worse, remark upon it.
  8. You encourage others around you to drink more than they would like. 'Come on, keep me company, it is Christmas after all.'
  9. You would rather the guests left and you could drink in peace.
  10. You refuse any invitations that might involve driving.

Next time I will list the ways you know you are ready to give up. Just in time for New Year. 
Have a great Christmas and thanks for following. Rx


  1. Merry Christmas! Yep this is how I use to act. Looking forward to my first sober Christmas.

  2. I used to tick most of the boxes. And yesterday I had my FIRST sober Xmas, and loved it! You know you have no small part in this...
    Adriana xx

    1. You know only you stopped you from drinking. i was so pleased to hear your news. keep in touch.


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