Sunday, 20 September 2015

Still Here and it's all Good

I’ve neglected this poor little blog of late, and that is both good and bad.
Good because I’ve been busy: busy at work, busy with new projects and busy socially. It’s good and bad that I’m thinking about alcohol a lot less and being sober is not quite fading into my background but is no longer right up there making itself known at every opportunity.

I’ve had a couple of memorable nights out of late- memorable in all the right ways. How nice it is to be assured of that. One was a work related, but casual, dinner. I hadn’t been out for a while and I was really looking forward to it for once. A mixture of the good company, the anticipation and the vibe saw me laughing more than I’ve ever laughed before I swear. And I wasn’t the only one; it was one of those nights where we all let loose and everything seemed hilarious. One of those where you had to be there too; the stories tending to fall flat when repeated.

For various reasons a couple of reliable drinking mates of old were on soft drinks all night. (One was an imminent father and the other had a hectic day to follow.) I noted this and thought how disappointed I would have been a couple of years ago if I’d turned up ready for a big session to find they were on the fresh orange and soda. How sad is that?

The other memorable night was with two friends at a spa. (Yes I’ve been busy relaxing and having me time too.) After dinner we had one of those deep and meaningful, truly honest conversations where each reveals something new, to the others’ surprise. A night of revelations, not of the scandalous nature but of becoming closer; knowing and understanding more about one another. Truly precious, a little emotional and very sincere. No flamboyant declarations of ‘true everlasting love’ and ‘being best friends forever’. There was no headache the next day, nor regret, nor embarrassment. Just a feeling of calm and reassurance that we all have a place in the others’ lives and that it is highly valued.

I’m not sure I’m making much sense but basically, being sober is great. Life is not the same as before, when I was drinking. Thankfully it has taken a much better route. Life feels real and I feel like I’m truly in it. 

Thank you to everyone who has been emailing me recently sharing their stories and have kindly left glorious reviews of my books on Amazon. Very much appreciated. 
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