Hi! I am Rachel Black. I am a typical professional forty-something woman, juggling various commitments to my home life, family, work, diet, and of course staying sober.  Sometimes I manage to keep all these balls in the air admirably, but usually I drop one or two.
I used to cope with this and the other stresses of daily life by drinking wine. Now I cope by not drinking wine.
I love cliches, quotes and wise sayings. Some of my favourites are

  • Alcohol was the problem, not the solution
  • Sobriety delivers all that alcohol promises
  • The longest journey starts with a single step
  • Advice is what you ask for when you know the answer but wish you didn't. Erica Jong
Do you have any others?

I'd love to hear from you, please comment on the blog or if you prefer you can email me personally at

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  1. Hi Rachel
    I have almost finished reading your book and its like reading about myself ..so many of your situations in life I have been in ...thing is I am known as Jackie the fun girl , always has a good time , get her a large glass no point in asking if she wants a small ... I am fed up with it , fed up with feeling rough , I go for a long run and reward myself with a large Merlot !! no logic in that ... I am 52 and can feel my middle aged belly coming on due to the drink and munchies afterwards ... I have had two weekends while reading your book where I have had just two glasses of wine a lot less for me by far but know I have to stop ..will continue will my aim to stop and may join soberistas soon ... but want you to know how your story has helped so far ...all the best Jackie Bailey


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